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John Harbaugh: A.J. Green might be best receiver in NFL 75

When the topic of best wide receiver in the NFL comes up, it’s not much of a talking point this year. 9 times out of 10, whoever you ask will tell you Calvin Johnson is far and away the best and most dangerous receiver in the league. And usually you would think that one person out of 10 would argue that Larry Fitzgerald takes the top spot.  Well, it looks like at least one person would disagree with that. Ravens head coach John Harbaugh has claimed that he believes 2nd year WR A.J. Green of Cincinnati may be the best receiver in football.It’s rare to see a coach talk up a player that his team has to play twice a year, but Harbaugh wasn’t shy with his words. According to Gregg Rosenthal of, Harbaugh told the Carroll County Times that the former Georgia wideout and 4th overall draft pick in 2011 “may be the best receiver in football”.
Harbaugh followed his comment up by praising Green, saying:
“Incredible athleticism. If you throw a ball anywhere near him … he finds a way to go grab it. He’s got an amazing catch radius. He’s big, tall, long and can get behind a defense very quickly.”

As I said earlier, it definitely is rare for a coach to talk so highly of a player from a rival team. The stats might back up Harbaugh’s claims though.
Green averaged 16.8 yards per catch last year. He had at least one catch of 35 yards or more in nine of the 15 games he played, so to say he’s a deep threat is an understatement.

Oddly enough, Harbaugh wasn’t the only Raven to talk highly of the young stud.

“I think A.J. Green is a special talent,” safety Bernard Pollard said. “The guy can go down the field and he can go across the middle.”

He also offered a warning to Green at the same time, though.

“When he goes across the middle, he has to see us. And that’s not taking anything away from him, but this is what we live for. When we see receivers coming across the middle, if we’re in the right defense, we are going to smack you, and we are going to let you know you came across the middle on the wrong team”.


The question that this interview brings up though is this:
Is AJ Green a threat to take the spot of Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald this year as one of the biggest threats in the league?
Keep an eye on him, folks. When John Harbaugh praises a rival, you have to take that seriously.


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