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Josh Cribbs uses Instagram to say farewell to Browns fans 57

On Wednesday, former Cleveland Browns wide receiver and kick returner Josh Cribbs reportedly signed with the Arizona Cardinals. Cribbs had been a member of the Cleveland Browns since 2005 when he signed to the team after not being drafted. He became well-known for his kick returning abilities during his tenure with Cleveland before transitioning into a wide receiver. With this being his first opportunity to test free agency, Cribbs decided to leave Cleveland and join another team.

When some players leave the first team they ever played for they are happy to perhaps join a potentially better team and are ready to leave town. Others, take the time to thank the fans of the team they are leaving.

Josh Cribbs would be the latter as yesterday he took to Instagram to thank the fans of Cleveland.

Cribbs offered up this picture for the fans of the Cleveland Browns


Under the caption, Cribbs wrote “It’s been a blessing to be in Cleveland, wishing the best to the city & the Team. If I could stay I would…” before adding a sad face.

Cribbs could have taken out a full page paper ad or not even leave a message for the fans of the Browns, instead he took the classy route.

It is always nice to see players respect a fan base and show their love.


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