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Kaepernick’s jersey is the NFL’s top seller 77



For the period covering April 1, 2013 through June 30, 2013, SF quarterback Colin Kaepernick’s jersey is the NFL’ s number 1 hottest seller.

The winner of the ESPY’s best breakthrough athlete is trending both on and off the field, taking over for a concussed Alex Smith, and never giving the start back.  He’s thrown the first pitch at a Giants game, and has even appeared on the cover of body magazines due to his amazing physique.  The 2011 second-round pick from Nevada will probably even be one of the top 10 quarterbacks to be drafted within your fantasy football league this year too.

Just behind him is the 12th man’s own Russell Wilson of Seattle.   Robert Griffin III takes the 3 spot, followed by league MVP Adrian Peterson of Minnesota, who have new jerseys that will surely allow sales to climb.  And finally an AFC player comes into play at number 5, Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning.  In the AFC East, it’s not usual or likely, at least lately, that any team beats out New England within the division, but Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill takes the 6th spot in jersey sales over Patriots’ terrific Tom Brady at 7.  At the 8 and 9 spot are recently retired defensive greats Ray Lewis and Brian Urlacher.  And surprisingly coming in at the 10 spot is arguably the best player in the NFL, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers.

You usually get some rookies who climb high in jersey sales in the off-season, but due to a lack of star power, such is not the case.  Some names that are expected to shine through in sales are Bills QB EJ Manuel, Jets quarterback Geno Smith, Rams receiver Tavon Austin, Bengals TE Tyler Eiffert, Vikings receiver Cordarrelle Patterson, Bengals RB Giovani Bernard, Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell, and Patriots receiver Aaron Dobson.

Only with the kickoff of the 2013-2014 NFL season will there be a shift in sales as the lights go on, and the stars come out.  No one was even looking into a Colin Kaepernick jersey at the beginning of last year’s season.  Who will trend next?  Let us know on Twitter!


Sports-Kings Down and Distance Contributor Austin Peat



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