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Kirk Cousins future now that RGIII is back 62

With Robert Griffin III looking strong and his return to the starting QB position looking imminent, what's next for Kirk Cousins?

With Robert Griffin III looking strong and his return to the starting QB position appearing imminent, what’s next for back-up quarterback Kirk Cousins (Credit: AP Photo)

After a season-ending injury and a pretty intensive surgery, Robert Griffin III is back and having no issues, as of yet, running drills on his repaired knee. It looks like RG III has a good shot at being ready by the end of camp and will most likely be the starter come the 2013 season. While this is excellent news for Washington Redskins fans, it is not all that exciting for back-up quarterback Kirk Cousins. Cousins, in his latest interview, spoke about RG III’s recovery.

“Robert looked awesome and I’m not just saying that….Obviously, he is a bit of a freak in terms of his athleticism, but he’s healed very quickly. He couldn’t practice with us but he was on a separate field doing drills all spring, during our OTAs and minicamp, and he looked really good. I think he’ll be ready to go come Week 1, but my mindset is to be ready to go no matter what.”

Cousins’ evaluation of RG III’s health and readiness for the start of the season doesn’t mean all that much…despite his major in kinesiology…as he is not a doctor, but there is an important fact to be taken away from this quote. Cousins is acknowledging that he will probably not be starting for the Redskins come September. This fact in mind, what is the next step for Kirk?

Yes, Cousins could stay the back-up for RG III, but both QB’s are going into their second year in the league so Cousins would most likely never start, barring another debilitating injury to RG III. Cousins is by no means blind to this inevitable truth.

Well, hopefully, I can have a similar career path to a Hasselbeck or a Schaub….I don’t have a starting opportunity right now, and down the road, it doesn’t look like I’ll have that in Washington, D.C., because of how talented Robert is. So, if I were to get a starter’s role, it would probably be elsewhere like Hasselbeck and Schaub have had, and they went on to great success. Certainly, I want to have a career path like them, where I can become a starter someplace and have success, but right now, I am very thankful for being in D.C. I feel like it’s a great place for me and a great system to be in. I’m still learning the NFL game to some degree, so to be in a place where I’m learning from the Shanahans [head coach Mike and offensive coordinator Kyle] and am able to learn from a guy like Robert Griffin, it puts me in a great position to hopefully have success down the road. I really do view my career as a marathon, not a sprint. As much as I may not be jumping out right away, early in my career, being a starting quarterback with all kinds of success, I think it is more the long view in mind, where I’m still here several years from now. It will have been well worth it to be a Redskin.”

Cousins is a talented QB and put up reasonable stats throughout his college career at Michigan State. His senior year, Cousins amassed a 63,7 completion rate, over 3,300 yards, 25 touchdowns, and a passer rating of 145.1. Cousins’ NFL starts are a little less impressive: in three starts he managed four touchdowns and three interceptions resulting in a 101.6 passer rating. I don’t believe this says anything about Cousins as an NFL QB, just that he did not get the reps he needed to be ready to start in the wake of RG III’s injury.

If Cousins’ gets the Hasselbeck/Schaub chance he is looking for, then I’m sure that he will find a great deal of success. However, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. If the 2013 draft showed us anything, it’s the fact that teams are currently content with their QB situations, not willing to reach on any prospects that aren’t guaranteed to succeed.


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