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Kirk Cousins has a sweet new ride for Redskins camp 0

After making it to the league, a lot of NFL players ride around in a Bentley, Rolls Royce, BMW or Mercedes. However, Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins is not a normal NFL player. Cousins recently Tweeted out a picture of his new ride, his grandparents old conversion van.

Cousins told the Washington Post about his decision to buy the conversion van from his grandmother.

“Because my wife and I each have a car, but then when people come into town it’ll kind of be a third car. And it’s perfect for driving the hour-and-a-half from Ashburn to the games. And then they can tailgate, and they’ve got a TV in there, and you can kind of carry luggage in there. So it works well when visitors come to town for games, and Julie and I will take it on road trips in the off-season.”

Cousins added that he has yet to show his teammates his new ride but he expects they will get a laugh out of his ride.

“Wait until I roll into the facility when we get back to Ashburn,” Cousins said. “That’ll be fun. I think my teammates will laugh a little bit.”

While Cousins’ new car may not be the flashiest, at least he is being responsible with his money and having fun doing so.


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