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Larry Fitzgerald Speaks out About 2012 Campaign 74

The Cardinals 2012 season was one to forget following their memorable beginning to what looked to be a long relationship between the Cardinals and Kevin Kolb. However the porous O-Line play and the loss of Kevin Kolb with fractured ribs derailed a once promising season. The person who was most devastated by this was All-Star WR, Larry Fitzgerald. If Fitzgerald was frustrated he didn’t show it. There were times when we Cardinal fans just wanted him to let it all out. To curse out the men who considered themselves Quarterbacks in the NFL. But he didn’t he continued to be a class act and played the game of football for his team.

In an interview with the Arizona Republic, Fitzgerald finally spoke out about last seasons mishaps, “It was the most frustrating season, or time, I’ve ever had. Professionally … or even in college, I’ve never had a year like that. It was tough mentally, physically it was tough, but it builds resolve. I know I never want to go through a season like that personally, or as a team, and I’m going to do everything in my power to not ever repeat that.”

The Cardinals produced a litany of sub-par quarterback play following Kevin Kolbs injury, whether it be John Skelton, or 7th round rookie selection Ryan Lindley. Neither could move the offense, even when the O-Line solidified and allowed only a handful of sacks in the second half of the season. They made poor decisions on nearly every pass attempt, combining for a meager 2 TD to 16 INT’s and 1184 yards passing. The Defense held it’s own, but the Offense could not produce.

Bruce Arians came in and cleaned up the train wreck of quarterbacks, all of which on last years roster found new homes (Kevin Kolb to the Bills, Skelton to Cincinnati, Brian Hoyer to Cleveland), only Ryan Lindley remains on the roster, and replaced them with Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton. While Fitzgerald didn’t praise these guys last year, with the exception of Kevin Kolb following the demolition of the Eagles in Week 3, Fitz had this to say of Palmer:

“It’s important, it’s just stability. That’s all you can ask for in this game, is just stability. Someone who knows what he’s doing, who’s accountable, who’s reliable. I mean from the first day he stepped in the huddle … he has a tempo, he has a mentality, a demeanor in the huddle that demands respect of his peers. When you look in his eyes, you know he’s a leader. … I’m excited to be playing receiver for him.”

Palmer is coming to an end of his career, but while most people will say he’s quit and he’s garbage, he did manage to survive most of the 2012 Season behind a horrible Oakland O-Line, and toss for 4000 yards. Whether or not having Larry Fitzgerald to throw to will have a huge impact on his game, is to be determined, but the Fanbase and the team are hopeful that Carson Palmers arrival will signify the new Regimes ability to build a competitive team, even in the dangerous NFC West.

Fitzgerald Runs a Route

Fitzgerald Runs a Route
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