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LeSean McCoy rips Knowshon Moreno on Twitter 63

Usually guys in the league are pretty good friends. There’s always gonna be a handful of guys that don’t like each other, but for the most part they’re all a bunch of friends.

LeSean McCoy is a pretty cool guy that seems to get along with most everyone, but he isn’t a fan of Broncos RB Knowshon Moreno.



Moreno definitely hasn’t been the franchise changing back that many had hoped for, but he’s doing pretty well for the Broncos this season with 46 carries for 238 yards and 3 scores (not counting his production in today’s Cowboys battle).

He might not have the mileage that McCoy has with 468 yards, but he has a touchdown more with a chance to extend that by night’s end.

When the two dueled in Denver, Moreno outdid McCoy on the ground 78-73, but added a score in the 52-20 rout – something McCoy didn’t do.


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