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Le’Veon Bell flies to Philadelphia on his own after arrest 0

Le'Veon Bell

(Credit: Pittsburgh Courier)

Pittsburgh Steelers running backs Le’Veon Bell and LeGarrette Blount were both arrested for marijuana possession yesterday on their way to board the team charter to Philadelphia. The Steelers play their third preseason game against the Eagles Thursday. Bell will also likely be charged with DUI in connection with the incident.

However, Bell has apparently paid his own way to fly to the game, where he will most likely not play. Instead, he will probably be facing the wrath of head coach Mike Tomlin.

Depending on your stance about marijuana, the actual crime these two committed is or isn’t that serious. The problem is the insanely unprofessional manner in which they decided to conduct themselves. What the hell were two NFL players doing drinking and smoking on a Wednesday afternoon before boarding a team charter?

It is unclear what type of punishment the NFL will hand out, seeing that neither Bell nor Blount has tested positive for a substance in their careers, and both are first time offenders. But everyone knows Roger Goodell isn’t exactly consistent with his rulings, so previous precedent isn’t a reliable punishment gauge. However, expect the organization to drop the hammer, as this type of behavior is a black eye for a team that doesn’t tolerate nonsense.

As for Bell, I hope he flew to Philly to face his consequences like a man instead of waiting for Tomlin to tell him what to do. At 22, he is the future of the Pittsburgh backfield.

Young men make mistakes, that’s not the issue. The issue is whether or not both guys learn from their mistakes.


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