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Mark Ellis Almost Lost His Leg 85

Injured and fortunate

The Los Angeles Dodgers lost their second baseman, Mark Ellis, Saturday night to a leg injury. The injury occurred on a play when Tyler Green, of the St. Louis Cardinals, slid into Ellis at second base. Ellis underwent emergency surgery on Saturday and is said to be out at least six weeks. The surgical procedure included having blood and fluids drained from his leg. Now, Buster Olney of ESPN, reports that the situation could have been a lot worse. According to Olney, via tweet, Dodgers’ manager Don Mattingly said, if they waited four or five more hours, Ellis may have lost his leg.



Needless to say, Mark Ellis is fortunate to have received treatment before it was too late. The Dodgers will have to make do with yet another player down and on the disabled list. The Dodgers have already lost three other starters to the list. Those already lost are superstar Matt Kemp, Juan Rivera and Juan Uribe. Ellis is batting .273 with two home runs in 37 games.


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