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Marshawn Lynch Gives SEA Bench the Bird From Huddle 75

If you thought you saw Seahawks running back Marshawn Lynch give his bench the finger from the huddle, you saw right.  He indeed did after the play came in, much to his disliking.

It was the third quarter of Thursday Night Football with the Seahawks staring at a 3rd and 1 from the one-yard line in Cardinals territory.  The play came in from the sideline, Wilson shouted the play, and the team broke off into formation, followed shortly by a Beast Mode Bird due to the pass play call from the sideline.

via reddit user Kookp1

via reddit user Kookp1

Maybe fantasy owners did the same thing when Russell Wilson and Kellen Davis got the TD points instead of their star running back.  The man is a beast and must be fed to be kept happy.  Much can be said about an old school giga pet, however if you don’t feed that, it likely won’t flip you off.  At least Lynch can find rest with a 34-22 victory of the division rival Cardinals.

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