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Matt Kemp Ejection Leads To Earmuffs 99

Shhshh Matt Kemp, all you gotta do is say earmuffs. For any of you Old School fans out there. Earlier today in a game between the Pirates and Dodgers, Matt Kemp was ejected for whatever he said in the dugout. If you check the video out at Deadspin you’ll see the kid’s father putting his hands around his kid’s ears.

Photo Credit : Burns!/Creative Commons

Kemp was a tad vulgar today with his wording, and he even threw some pushes towards the umpiring crew. Not only was Kemp ejected, but so was his manager Don Mattingly who was probably upset that his best player was gone for the rest of the game. This all happened in the 2nd inning.

Umpire Campos did tell Kemp to keep quiet before the inning started, but Kemp didn’t listen. I can see a possible suspension here with Kemp making contact with the umpires. That wouldn’t bode well for the Dodgers who are in the middle of a divisional race with their rival, the San Francisco Giants.


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