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Maurice Jones-Drew Involved in Battery 51

TMZ broke news that Jacksonville runningback, Maurice Jones-Drew, was involved in an altercation between a security guard and his friend. The event took place at the Conch House in St. Augustine, FL during a Reggae concert on May 16th.

Jones-Drews friend was told by security to stop touching a younger female, and responded to the request by hitting the guard in the chest.

More security arrived and subdued Jones-Drew’s friend by putting him in a headlock. MJD thus responded by throwing a punch at the guard causing contusions and massive swelling of his jaw.

I have nothing but respect for Jones-Drew. His play on the field is superb and his off the field endeavors, with the exclusion of this, are well known. He is a role model to many a high school athlete. This comes as a surprise that someone of Jones-Drews status would do this.

This is all just a report, no video has come out, and no police press conferences have come out, just a report that TMZ acquired. There will more than likely be more news coming out sometime soon, but as of now Jones-Drew party has yet to reply to anyone’s requests to speak to them.

This is the second Jaguars player to be involved in trouble this offseason, with Justin Blackmon being suspended the first four games of the 2013-2014 NFL season. If this comes out any worse than it is already being stated, the Jaguars offense could lose their leader and… Well their Offense… With Jones-Drew possibly facing a suspension as well.


UPDATE: A Press-Conference by St. Augustine PD says Jones-Drew was there but was not involved. When altercation began he exited the building.



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