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Melky Cabrera Tried Creating a Fake Product to Avoid Suspension 68

Melky Cabrera altered a website with a fake product in an attempt to avoid suspension.
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San Francisco Giants outfielder Melky Cabrera and his “associates” must have not been aware that the MLB hires very talented research teams to investigate their suspension cases. When Cabrera was made aware he was facing a fifty-game suspension, he made a brilliant decision to purchase a website and advertise a fake product with a “banned substance” that Cabrera had allegedly purchased, citing this “product” as the reason for his positive test.

Luckily for the MLB, and unfortunately for Mr. Cabrera, baseball has researchers with an IQ over 30, and quickly discovered this attempt to beat the system. Cabrera even went as far as offering the website in his defense of his suspension, according to the New York Daily News via Deadspin.

Someone is sure to take a much steeper fall for this than a mere fifty-game suspension, and Cabrera’s agents, Sam and Seth Levinson, are already trying to distance themselves for this failed scheme to trick the MLB. Allegedly, one of Levinson’s “paid consultants,” Juan Nunez, may be the mastermind behind this website debacle. The Levinson’s, and their company, Athletes’ Careers Enhanced and Secured Inc., issued a statement to make Nunez’ relationship to them clear:

“Juan Nunez is NOT a salaried employee of ACES and does NOT receive the benefits that all ACES employees receive,” Levinson said. “Most importantly, any and all calls, texts and emails that he sends come from his own PERSONAL devices (BlackBerry).”


Riiiiiight. I am not quite sure who really planned this thing out, but don’t be surprised if this story kick-starts a further investigation into the matter. Melky and his “associates,” and even possibly ACES, may be in a load more trouble than just Cabrera’s suspension.

Prior to his suspension, Cabrera was having undoubtedly his best season in his major league career, batting .346, and may even still win the batting title from his couch. Cabrera is one at-bat short of qualifying for the award, but the rules will deduct him an automatic out, and qualify him for the trophy, unless Major League Baseball steps in.

By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Assistant Site Manager



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