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Melky does the right thing 50

Another award that should be abandoned?

Just about every athlete that is caught guilty on a drug test follows the below 5 step pattern:
1) Claim they have no idea how this happened
2) Blame faulty test
3) Claim innocence even if retest shows guilt
4) Blame system for false positive on something unrelated (i.e. the poppy muffin excuse)
5) Agree to disagree, I’m not saying I did it, but at this point I pretty much have to sit out.

Notice nowhere in there is an apology to young fans, admission of bad judgment, or “caught in the moment and it won’t happen again”.

But we at least get somewhere in between as Melky Cabrera has “abandoned” his claim to the NL batting title: “I don’t want to win it this way”.

This would have been the second year in a row a major NL award/recognition would have been tainted under cloud of suspicion after 2011 MVP Ryan Braun won an unprecedented overturn of his positive test. I won’t even bother to go through the Cy Youngs won by Clemens, the MVP’s won by Canseco, McGwire, Bonds, etc. But history will probably not exactly look favorably upon them. But, nobody knows who finished second those years (oh gosh, don’t say Sosa). This year, the batting champion of the NL will be someone who played clean. At least we hope. Until the final tests are in. And it could be Braun winning a Triple Crown as a result. Probably not.

And I thought the steroid era was over.


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