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Mike Tomlin says replacing Bruce Arians with Todd Haley was his decision. 61

Despite the speculation surrounding former offensive coordintator Bruce Arians’ departure from the Pittsburgh Steelers, head coach Mike Tomlin said that the decision was solely his, and had nothing to do with the front office.

Tomlin commented on the hiring of Todd Haley as offensive coordinator, saying:

“I thought that it was time for change. We’re moving into a situation here where we have an opportunity to grow and develop some young talent offensively. It’s awesome to have an opportunity to maybe have the division of some common opponents — people who are comfortable with how you play football — get uncomfortable. That’s what’s going to happen to us this year. We’re excited about that.”

As a Steelers fan, I personally thought Arians routinely underachieved guiding the Steelers potentially explosive offense, and this was a much needed and welcome change in my eyes.

On January 20th, Arians “retired”, only to be hired by the Indianapolis Colts a week later. The Steelers officially hired the former Chiefs head coach, Haley, on February 7th.

Tomlin continued his explanation, saying the Rooney’s had nothing to do with the decision:

“He didn’t,” Tomlin said of Rooney having influence in Arians leaving. “I don’t know where some of these perceptions come from. I don’t break my neck to try to combat them in any way. I don’t know where they come from.”

With that cleared up, let’s hope Todd Haley can bring the Steelers and their young, fast receiving corps to full potential on the offensive side of the ball. Arians continually called bone-headed plays and didn’t put guys in the right places to make plays. That, in my mind, is the main reason Tomlin decided to shake things up and hire Haley in favor of Arians.



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