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Mike Vick: “I think we have a chance to develop a dynasty” 62

Eagles QB Michael Vick has been in the news lately, opening up about his days as a Falcon and talking about the Dogfighting scandal that he went through. He’s opened up a lot from those days, but he’s doing well since then. He has since reclaimed hs glory in the NFL, signed a mega-buck contract, and has the opportunity to lead the Eagles to an NFL Championship.

On paper, the Eagles look extremely talented. They fell short last season in a disappointing year, but they have big plans to bounce back as the team gets ready to enter Training Camp.

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Vick sat down with CSN Philly on Tuesday, and said that the Eagles have a chance to be the NFL’s next Dynasty.  

“I think we have a chance to develop a dynasty.” Vick told Derrick Gunn about the current flock of Eagles. “When I look at our football team and what we have on paper, I think about when I was growing up and the great San Francisco 49er teams, the great Green Bay Packer teams, and the great Dallas Cowboy teams, how they just positioned themselves to compete and be one of the best teams out there,” Vick said. “I think we have a chance to be that.” 

First thing though, the Eagles need to remain on the same path they finished the season on last year, winning strong. That was a big part of Head Coach Andy Reid keeping his job as the head man, and Vick weighed in on that situation as well saying “I hate to think about it [Reid losing his job],” he said “Let’s just say that won’t happen. Not on my watch. And I’ll say that in front of the whole world.”

If the Eagles want to get there though, they must at least make the playoffs. Last season they finished 8-8 and missed the playoffs. Many think that if they would have squeaked their way in they would have made a run for it as they were one of the most dominant teams in the last quarter of the 2011 season.

The team must gel together, and under second year Defensive Coordinator Juan Castillo, they look to improve. Last season the defense was largely blamed for the disappointing year, but turning the ball over hurt them just as much. The team had a -14 turnover ratio and they must protect the ball.

Vick is right though, on paper – this is one of the most dominant teams in the league right now.

“I think it’s just a mind-set for my organization on down to the players,” Vick said. “We know we can do it. We know what we have, that’s the great thing about it. We know what we have as a team, as an organization and what better position to be in than to know that you have an opportunity? … 

He wants to make sure everyone is on the same page so they can build on success, rather than take a step back. “I just have to make everyone on the outside looking in a believer,” Vick continued. “It’s going to be tough, but it’s all about discipline and I can’t get out on the field making crazy, hasty decisions when there’s no need to, so I’m focused. I’m ready to go.” 

He said that this is the first offseason he’s really been 100% committed to the offseason programs when talking about his days as a Falcon, he said that he spent more time learning about dogs than he did his Atlanta playbook.

He may be right, if they can put it all together.

At least there was no mention of the “Dream Team” in the discussion. It starts and ends with the players, and if they have the motivation to get it done, they may have no boundaries.


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