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NCAAF Rising Stars: Olu Fashanu 0

The NFL is well known as being one of the potentially most popular sports leagues to watch and bet on in the United States of America, however, just behind it is the NCAAF. Although, we cannot say everyone watches the NCAAF for the same reason as the NFL. 


The NCAAF is like the step before the NFL, it is hardy, tough, and prepares the college level players for a potential future in the NFL, but it is also a league in its own right, and plenty of people view it as such. 


That being said, it is also infamously well known for some great betting action. The NCAAF odds are just about as active as the NFL odds are. They are well known for being great betting action, and bringing about a lot of bettors to the bookies. 


But, no sport would be popular in betting if there were no good players! This is where it is important for sports to have good players. At the college level, there are plenty of great NCAAF players, but some just trump the competition in a brutal way. 


One of these rising stars who has actually got potential to be a very early NFL pick is Olu Fashanu. The likelihood of him being an early pick is increasing by the day, and suddenly this young college football player is bombarded with popularity and attention. 


So, why is this? Why are his prospects so high? Let’s tell you exactly what this young man has going for him! 


19-Year-Old First Round Pick Potential.


Olu Fashanu did not actually make his first start off at Penn State until well after the Outback Bowl loss against Arkansas, ending in the ‘21 season. But then, 10 months down the line, this young 19-year-old emerged as being a potential first-round pick in the next (2023) NFL draft! 


Amazingly he was even selected as being a potential top 10 selection. 


For anyone who knows anything about the NFL and NCAAF and the draft would not be so surprised if they knew a little about Fashanu. 


People knew who Fashanu was and what he was able to do, you could see it in how he played and how he practiced, it was kind of a given from the get go. 


It has just been quite amazing for those who support him and his team to see people recognizing his greatness, he is getting the recognition he deserves, and will be great to keep an eye out for in the next NFL draft, and whatever lucky team gets their mitts on him.

A Very Skilled Individual


But what makes him so great? Well, Fashanau started all his 8 games as the left tackle for the Nittany Lions. He has not allowed a single sack it would seem. 


How so? Well, he is powerful, a legend in the weight room, but his play strength is even more impressive. 


What makes it all better is that he is typically in a good position, if he was out of position, he manages to get himself where he needs to be to get that winning position back against a defensive end. 


But, the thing about Fashanu that really makes him a dream to watch is how consistent he is. If you watch a tape, he has had play after play constantly of him protecting his quarterback’s blind side, he is the eyes in the back of the quarterback’s head.


So, pair him with a good quarterback and your team is solid, or at least that is the message that Fashanu sends out in his play.


What We Know So Far


Fashanu is in his 3rd year at Penn State, but he grew up in Waldorf, Md, and played at Gonzaga College High school in D.C. 


Overall he has been rated as a 4-star prospect by Rivals, and ESPN and 247 Sports rated him 3 stars. 


When he was choosing a college, he chose Penn State over Michigan, Florida, and Ohio, before he sat behind Rasheed Walker back in 2020, and then most of 2021. 


He did play a few solid games in his first start in Arkansas, but very few people actually expected him to give us all the season he currently has. 


What is most amazing is that no one really ever hears about a guy who is a starter first year and is 19 years old, it’s pretty young. 


However, being 6 foot and 6 inches, and weighing in at 315 lbs does help quite a bit, as well as being smart, intelligent, and very strong. 


NFL Draft Stock Rising Fast


Around a year ago, even hardcore NCAAF bettors had barely heard of Fashanu, but now he is blossomed into a full-time starter who is rocking the stats and the odds, and leaving everyone rethinking what they thought they knew. 


His work ethic, however, is one thing that many think will make him a very attractive NFL draft pick, with such a careful and well-managed work-life balance, any NFL team would be lucky to have him in the next draft. Keep your eyes peeled for Olu Fashanu! 



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