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New York Jet’s Tim Tebow Takes up MMA Training 70

New York Jets quarterback, Tim Tebow has decided to add MMA training to his workout routine.

If you look past the passing struggles that Tim Tebow has, some would complement him on his great workout routine. Looking at Tebow you can see how strong he is and maybe that’s one of the reason’s Tebow is widely criticized. He doesn’t look like a quarterback; he looks like a fullback, and he has the arms to prove it. I think everyone would agree, if you get into a fight, and you could take a quarterback to help you; everyone would choose Tebow.

Tim Tebow

I’m not sure if this is best for Tebow, as much as I love the guy and what he stands for, he could use time to be throwing passes and get ready for the start of training camp at the end of the month.

However, Tebow, is  putting those arms in good use. According to TMZ, he is working out with the “legendary” Gracie family and UFC Champion Brendan Schaub. MMA training is to make your reactions and decision-making faster. After the training session, the Gracie brother’s tweeted about their newest pupil, “Everyone please give a warm welcome to the newest member of the Gracie Family.”Ryron also tweeted to Tim … saying, “Your athleticism/intelligence makes teaching Jiu jitsu even easier!”

Even though we are unsure at this time what is the extent of MMA training, one thing is for sure that is a man I would not want to see on the other side of the octagon.

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