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NFL Draft Prospect: Marquan McCall 2

The time has come again for all the teams within the NFL to start searching for players that can help fill the gaps in their current teams. If a certain area in their game is struggling, then putting in new blood could help the team’s chances of progressing further in the season and reaching the Super Bowl. 

Each prospect has their own NFL draft odds, however the higher your odds, the more desirable you may be. One of the NFL draft prospects to keep an eye out is Marquan McCall. 

We have created a simple guide, so you can learn about McCall’s chances of being picked this season. 

Marquan McCall Stats

Marquan McCall is around 6 foot 3 inches and weighs around 342 pounds. He was signed in 2018 as a four-star recruit to Kentucky. Here he played as the offensive guard. Then as soon as he was on campus, McCall transformed into a defensive tackle. 

Since his signing in 2018, McCall has been a huge player in the team and a big contributor to their successes. He made 57 tackles overall throughout his college career, 10 of which were for a loss, along with three quarterback rushes, two forced fumbles, one fumble recovery, and one pass breakup.

While he did miss a few games in 2021 due to an ankle injury, he appears to have come back stronger. He is a smart player that understands what he needs to do and how to put that into action.

All of these things help to make Marquan McCall appear as a very attractive NFL draft pick for the upcoming season. 

Marquan McCall Overview

Marquan McCall has a long way to go before he begins acting like a beginning nose guard, despite the fact that he fits the description.


McCall is 6 ‘3” and 342 pounds, with the majority of his weight distributed around his midsection, as it should be for any effective nose guard. Although he plays as an interior player in a phone booth, his lack of outstanding length won’t hamper him too much.


McCall uses his upper body to perform his best reps. In general, McCall’s awareness of the types of blocks he is receiving is excellent. McCall reacts quickly to concepts, takes the block appropriately, and locates the ball carrier.


Once he latches on, McCall also has strong muscles. He possesses both the grip strength to drag opponents to the ground and the strength to get great extension and knock opponents off their centers of gravity. 

His strength complements his unrelenting hand fighting and high-intensity play style, which frequently wears down linemen toward the finish of the play.


McCall is seen as one of the top NFL draft picks, but he isn’t perfect and where he can struggle is sometimes with his agility. He is known to play with heavy feet. He has trouble getting started and struggles when forced to abruptly change direction. McCall may consequently fall to the ground in one manner or another if his base is slower than the rest of his body.

McCall also struggles to gain ground after blocks, and he finds it difficult to play over the line of scrimmage with much ease. Due to his average mobility abilities and coordination, McCall is also a lackluster pass-rusher.


McCall must be placed squarely in the center of the defense. The best course of action is to let him simply devour space and two-gap, allowing his upper body power and determination to stand out. Despite this, McCall is strictly a run defender who needs time to learn how to adapt his style to the inferior NFL athleticism he possesses.

With a little help, he could become one of the best defensive tackle players in the game. His size and weight really helps his case, and makes him so attractive for many teams. 

Marquan McCall Pros

The following are pros when it comes to Marquean McCall.

  • Lots of weight and a large frame he uses well. 
  • Understands how to accept and answer blocking concepts.
  • Great upper body strength, that works well when engaged in blocking. 
  • Violent and determined player.

Marquan McCall Cons

The following are cons when it comes to Marquean McCall.

  • Frequently ends up on the ground. 
  • Unsuccessful pass rusher.
  • Slow feet, which can struggle to change direction quickly.
  • Can struggle to cover enough ground in a short space of time. 

Final Thoughts

Marquan McCall is considered a great player who has lots of potential. While his speed and stigma might not be up to the right level, that will come eventually. Overall, McCall is a great player who has fantastic upper body strength who can take blocks well and knows how to react and answer to them. 

There is a lot to like with McCall, which is no wonder why he is one of the top prospects for the NFL draft. As long as he performs well on scouting days, it will be a surprise if no one tries to pick this player up. 

We hope this article has given you a better idea on Marquan McCall and why he is a top NFL draft prospect.



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