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NFL might eventually allow medical marijuana 51

Roger Goodell attended an event in Manhattan last week where he was asked to speak about allowing players to smoke marijuana for medicinal reasons in states where it’s legal.

I don’t know what’s going to develop as far as the next opportunity for medicine to evolve and to help either deal with pain or help deal with injuries,” Goodell said.  “But we will continue to support the evolution of medicine.”

Although he didn’t give a definite answer, he didn’t rule it out. Marijuana is being legalized in more and more states including two that host NFL teams (Washington and Colorado). So eventually you have to imagine that it will becoming a bigger and bigger issue that will have to be addressed, especially when you consider it’s medical benefits. It could have a use for players dealing with the pain of playing the game of football.

. It just doesn’t seem right for the NFL to interfere with something that the doesn’t conflict with the law. Society is changing and the NFL is going to have to learn to change with it or be forced to


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