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NFLPA and Roger Goodell will Meet Today to Discuss Bounty Findings 83

The NFLPA  got word this week that along with the most likely suspensions and fines, there may also be jail time in relation to criminal charges filed against former and current Saints defenders. In light of that news the NFLPA went out and hired lawyers for the 22-27 players allegedly involved in the bounty scandal.

If this scandal couldn’t get any nastier it just did; the idea that players may be put behind bars is just absurd to me. Think about it for a minute – this bounty case has affected everyone from fans-to-owners. I agree, suspend coaches, general manager and players, but to put them in jail may be a bit too much.  I understand that the league needs to crack down and even “make an example” of this incident so future players don’t even think of doing this again. I completely agree with suspending a coach indefinitely, the head coach a full year, and even the general manager receiving an eight game suspension. The players will also see at least a six game suspension. I expect word about the punishment  to come this week.

On Tuesday head coach Sean Payton, GM Mickey Loomis and Owner Tom Benson will appeal their punishments, loss of draft picks and money. According to league sources, the Saints were not very happy with the wording, and they want Commissioner Roger Goodell to clarify what the reasoning is.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell is expected to meet with NFLPA lawyers today. The lawyers will have access to the findings of the NFL investigation. Goodell is supposed to have a decision on the suspended players by the end of the week. NFLPA executive director, DeMaurice Smith, may or may not be a part of the group, but the source said the intention of the visit is clear. The  union expects their lawyers to see and hear the complete evidence as it relates to player’s involvement in the case.

The New Orleans Saints and, for that matter, the NFL family just wants to move on from this and with these findings, it is another step closer in doing so.

Stay tuned for further details of their findings.

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