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NFL’s Top 10 Paid Players in 2014 54

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Every team in the NFL attempts to woo the top players to either remain on their roster or sign them away from another team. Inevitably, some teams are willing to pay more for a player and this, coupled with raising the salary cap, is what raises the average NFL salary. Per the New York Times, in 1982, the average NFL salary was $90,102; per Business Insider, in 2013, the average NFL salary was $1.9 million. However, it is the top end of the NFL salary structure that inflates this number and the NFL’s top ten paid players make a good bit of money. Here’s a look at how much each player is getting paid and relevant career statistics as well as where he ranked on Pro Football Focus in 2013 and the average salary of the next five highest paid players at his position. Also examined are how the contracts are structured; a player who on the surface appears to be grossly overpaid may not be when looking at the way the money is paid out.

(AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is not an attack on the player and how much he is getting paid; if the player does not get the money, the owner does not return to fans or automatically invest it in another player. This is an opinion of how much the player is getting paid as it relates to other players in his position group, how the contract is structured, and if his performance is commensurate with the contract.).

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