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Osi changes his mind: Bob is now RG3 95

After a week in which he threw for 320 yards, Robert Griffin III has gained the respect of New York Giants Osi Umenyiora (Credit: AP Photo)

This summer, Giants defensive end Osi Umenyiora said he wasn’t referring to Robert Griffin III by his initials and number until he earned it.

“Who is this RG3 guy you guys keep talking about?’’ Umenyiora said on WFAN. “You talking about Bob Griffin? You guys are giving him a cool nickname already and everything.

“When he does anything in the NFL we’re gonna call him RG3. Right now he’s Bob Griffin.”

Apparently one week was enough.

“Oh, um, RG3?” Umenyiora told USA Today’s Mike Garafolo. “What is he? What does he like to be called? What does he want me to call him?”

Yes. I will call him RG3.”

The artist formerly known as “Bob” threw for 320 yards and two touchdowns to lead the Redskins to an upset at New Orleans, earning him NFC offensive player of the week honors.

And apparently, a little respect.



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