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Should Peyton Play Vs. Seattle (Preseason week 1) 53

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Should Peyton Play Vs. Seattle (Preseason week 1)

The Broncos find themselves with the opening two games of the preseason as potential Super Bowl match-ups. It will be a teaser for NFL fans, at least for the first quarter.

The Denver Broncos Preseason Schedule

  1. Week 1: vs. Seattle Seahawks — Aug. 7-10, time TBD (KUSA-TV)
  2. Week 2: at San Francisco 49ers — Aug. 14-18, time TBD (KUSA-TV)
  3. Week 3: vs. Houston Texans — Aug. 21-24, time TBD (KUSA-TV)
  4. Week 4: at Dallas Cowboys — Aug. 28, time TBD (KUSA-TV)

 In week one (preseason) do not be surprised if Peyton does not make an on field appearance. If I am in the shoes of John Fox and John Elway, I would allow that to be a Brock Osweiler game. It would give Osweiler the chance to finally work with the first offense. So far from what I have seen, Osweiler has not given us a reason to like or dislike him. I think letting him work with a full game against the Seahawks will let us learn a bit more about the potential successor for Peyton Manning.

 My second reason for why I think the Denver Broncos may keep Manning out of the game completely, and not just 3 quarters, is because of the momentum factor. Even if it is only a preseason game, a bad start after a Super Bowl loss like that can really hurt the start of the season. Let’s say Peyton goes in with the first offense for the first quarter, what good can come from it? The only thing is getting to know his new players better. Pretty much just Emmanuel Sanders. If Peyton goes in there, and they perform the way they did in the first quarter of this year’s championship, it could really effect the momentum and pride of this team

After that game I see Peyton and the first team playing the first quarter versus San Francisco, quarter and a half or two versus the Texans and a half versus the Cowboys.

Honestly, I do believe that the Broncos have made the right moves to win the title this year, but a big test like this with emotions still on edge from the last game, I wouldn’t risk it.

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