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Philadelphia Can Opt Out of DeSean Jackson Deal After Two Years 100

Many football guys, including myself was surprised to hear of the DeSean Jackson deal a few weeks back. I mean let’s be honest doesn’t everyone remembered him last year pouting because he didn’t have new deal. He wasn’t a team player, and he showed shades of a Randy Moss or even a Terrell Owens. All three of them have one thing in common which is an outstanding play-making ability, but their egos get in the way of their success.

When they signed Jackson, the Eagles took a different approach, one to protect themselves if Jackson does start his “drama” up again. According to ESPN’s Dan Graziano notes that the Eagles can get out of Jackson’s deal very easy after two years. Jackson will earn over $17 million over the next two seasons, $14.75 million of which is guaranteed, including a $10 million signing bonus.

DeSean Jackson

That gives some explanation why Jackson signed. However, Jackson needs to produce at a very high level or the Eagles can easily get out of the contract after two years. Jackson’s salary jumps to $10.25 million in 2014, but only $250,000 of that is fully guaranteed. The Eagles already planned on paying Jackson $9.5 million on his franchise tag this season; this is a terrific deal for Philadelphia. The Eagles get him over the next two years at a cheaper average rate, even if it provides more security for Jackson.
So not only will the Jackson need to be on his best behavior, but he will also must produce on the field. The issue I see, not this season, but the next year, is the quarterback. The current quarterback Michael Vick can barely stay healthy, and that has got to be getting old for Eagles fans and more importantly, Eagles coaches. The Eagles need to make an investment to help Jackson succeed. Either way Jackson must play at a Pro Bowl level by 2014, if not the Eagles can cut ties if they choose to do so.

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