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PHOTO: Pujols keeps promise, invites young amputee to game 68

Albert Pujols is a pretty good guy. Reddit user GonnaBeHappy‘s brother has unfortunately been forced to have his right leg amputated after an ATV accident. Albert Pujols learned about the injury and contacted the family via phone ten months ago. During the phone call, Pujols promised that the boy would be his “guest of honor at any Angels game” as soon as he got his new leg.

The boy got his prosthetic leg last week and two nights ago, Pujols’ promise was kept as you can see in this photo of the child in the dugout with the Angels’ slugger:

20140617-141310-51190037.jpgAlbert Pujols keeps his promises (Credit Reddit /u/GonnaBeHappycenter>

The TB hat is not for the Tampa Bay Rays, but for the kid’s travel baseball team as the original poster clarified in the thread’s comments.

Other commenters stressed the fact that the boy will be able to continue his baseball playing days as soon as he gets used to his prosthetic. It sounds like baseball is at the heart of this boy’s life from what his brother says, so that is great to hear.

This isn’t the first time that Pujols has done something like this and it’s refreshing to know that even our highest paid athletes care about their fans and are willing to give back to the communities that have made them millionaires.

Props to Mr. Pujols and best of luck in life to the young boy. I hope to hear that he is participating in baseball at any level in the near future!

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