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Photos: Walmart fails on NFL Jerseys 0

The NFL, as with other professional sports leagues, has a long tradition of fans donning the same apparel as their favorite players.

From jerseys to caps, even shoes and tee shirts – there’s a large selection of things fans can use to display their love for their team.

Most fans visit authentic team shops or authorized dealers to get authentic NFL gear – but there’s the occasional fan that will stop in their local Walmart hoping to grab something that looks authentic – but isn’t.

Walmart is one of several large distributors that are allowed to carry officially licensed NFL products, but they must be sure to never claim them as authentic – and most of the time they’re made at the same place all their other clothing or items are made – so an occasional slip up may occur – which happens to be the case in a Manteca California Walmart.

Gabriel Cruz, aka DJ Young Cruz posted some photos to Facebook earlier tonight that shows one of Walmart’s suppliers may have been asleep at the screenprinting press.

Check out the jersey below!

(Gabriel Cruz/Facebook)

(Gabriel Cruz/Facebook)

(Gabriel Cruz/Facebook)

(Gabriel Cruz/Facebook)

As you can see, the Chiefs logo on the arm doesn’t quite match the team slapped on the front of the jersey. Way to go, Walmart!

Maybe this wasn’t a mistake and this Walmart is selling to Alex Smith fans who can now love both the 49ers and the Chiefs!? Probably not, as the number belongs to Frank Gore. Sorry Walmart!

Shoutout to DJ Young Cruz for the scoop on these new jerseys!

So, what do you think of your new jersey Frank?

(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)

(AP Photo/Paul Sakuma)



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