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Pistol Peat’s Top 5 RB Predictions Week 3 95

With week 2 all wrapped up and many of us most likely behind in our weekly picks as there were a lot of upsets, hopefully the same does not go for your fantasy team.  If this isn’t the case, hopefully I can give you some insight as I present to you my top 5 half backs going into week 3.


5.  Reggie Bush


This pick is quite the gamble as Bush will go against a good defensive Jets team.  I give him the edge though. While Miami is struggling trying to get their rookie quarterback acquainted with lack of a better word, wide receivers, Reggie has been a sure-fire success as he produces forty percent of the team’s offense.  He is truly their all-around playmaker, and is sure to pick up right where he left off in a stellar week 2 performance.  Unfortunately, I’m sure Rex Ryan is aware of who they need to keep an eye on, so it will all depend on whether or not New York will be forced to pay respect to Miami’s wide receiving core.  I’d take the risk with Bush, because when you’re hot, you’re hot.

4.  BenJarvus Green-Ellis

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This is a bit of a sleeper pick of sorts being that Green-Ellis has never been a big breakout running back, but there are a few things to take into consideration..  Let’s not overlook the incredible stat that Green-Ellis in his NFL career has never fumbled the ball.  We can count on no negative points there.  If Andy Dalton can get his Bengals to the red zone, he won’t have to run the risk of a costly turnover through the air, as Green-Ellis specializes in goal line touchdowns, thus boosting your fantasy points for the week.  While Washington’s offense has been dominate with the exciting addition of rookie quarterback RGIII, the defense isn’t quite there yet.  I expect the Cinci power back to not have much trouble tearing through the ‘Skins.

3.   DeMarco Murray

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Lucky for Murray, he faces up against a poor defensive Tampa Bay team, who’s doing more on the offensive side of the ball.  A once staggering threat on defense is no longer, making the sky the limit for Murray.  He’ll want to get going fast as his performance wasn’t great against an electrifying Seahawks team.  I like to put money on Dallas every other week, as they’re one of the most inconsistent teams in the league.  You cannot base their success or failure on the previous week.  If Murray finds daylight, he very well may lead your team in points this week.  Tampa Bay’s secondary will stop him before their line does.

2.  C.J. Spiller


With the Bills bouncing back in great fashion, and that defense we expected so much out of coming out, I expect more possessions for Buffalo, and in turn, more carries for Spiller.  With the injury to Fred Davis, all the doubters were put to shame as Spiller has put on a clinic.  He’s hot, and with the Browns showing me no signs of a defensive break-through, Spiller will keep his hot streak going.  If he was ever labeled a sleeper this year in fantasy, he’s awake now, and is looking to have a career year.  In most leagues, he leads all running backs in fantasy points.  Two words: START SPILLER

1.  Frank Gore

I must give a lot of Gore’s success to San Fransisco’s amazing front line, but Kendall Hunter doesn’t break out in any of his runs like Gore does.  Once this man finds a hole and builds up momentum, he’s an unstoppable force that demands respect.  It often times takes a team effort to bring him down.  The Vikings have been disappointing on defense, and many are wondering when Jared Allen is going to contribute.  I expect a very quiet Minnesota crowd as they watch Gore run all over their beloved purple.  Gore is top 5 in fantasy points in most leagues, and I’m sure he’ll stay within that window.


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