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Pittsburgh Steelers vs. New England Patriots: Which Fans Are Worse? 78

I’ve been to many games in which I’ve been on the losing side of these two teams and let me tell you; I think I’d rather be serving in the soup kitchens all day than watching my team get shellacked by the Pittsburgh Steelers or New England Patriots.

I can respect great teams, in which both teams clearly have demonstrated over the past decade (longer for the Steelers,) however, the fans of these respective teams tend to play a major role in the near sports suicides I’ve thought about committing over the years.

Every team has the, “annoying, over the top” fan that make you want to take a dish pan and whack them over the head with it. However, it seems like they are more prevalent in these two teams, probably due to the high volume of winning that has thus spoiled the fan over the years. So which team has the worst fans? Time to find out!

1.) Sitting next to them during the game:


Imagine having to sit by this guy for three and a half hours watching your team not get any calls the whole game. Seriously, what is wrong with Steeler fans? Do they think they are a part of the team? I have a sneaky suspicion they believe they are going to receive rings when their team wins the Super Bowl.

Quick anecdote here, two years ago when the Steelers played the Bills during the infamous Stevie Johnson dropped endzone catch in which he blamed God, I felt like I was in the middle of trailer park heaven. SURROUNDED by Steeler fans in Buffalo was by far the worst situation I’ve ever been in. You know 25 degrees and seeing Steeler fans infiltrate Buffalo like the Marines going through Iraq isn’t exactly what I call a fun-filled Sunday of NFL ball.


Patriot fans will never be accused of being creative that’s for sure. If  it were Steeler fans I’d question if they really think that’s how you spell “defeat.” Can’t say these are the most cleverly cryptic signs I’ve ever seen, but imagine having to sit next to these three cornballs at a game telling you how Tom Brady is the greatest quarterback ever.

Better yet, I’ll one up myself, imagine hearing for four hours how every team tapes their opponents, and “Spygate” doesn’t tarnish their legacy at all. Then you casually throw in, “Well the Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl since Spygate,” and having them quip, “How good has your team done since then?”

Winner for most annoying to sit next to:

Steeler fans!

They’re everywhere! They spread like wild-fire, I swear to God on that.

2.) Talking Football at your townie bar:


I openly question Steeler fans decorum when it comes mingling with them at a bar. I’m all for going ape for your favorite team, but many Steeler fans take it too far. I’m so sick of seeing that God damn Terrible Towel flying around as well. Remember the Terrible Towel stomp by LenDale White? You’d think White just burned the bible with the way Steeler nation reacted towards that. Seriously, quit bringing your freakin’ Terrible Towel to the bar.


My problem with Patriot fans at the bar is it’s filled with bandwagon chick fans in love with Tom Brady. Sure you have your Bill Simmons of the world that are hardcore fans, but I’ve seen more Patriot fans sprout up over the last decade because of Brady than any other team. What’s worse is when they try to weigh in with their opinion on football when it’s usually pretty evident they have no clue what they’re talking about.

Winner for most annoying at your townie bar:

Patriots fans

Sorry nothing drives me nuts more than bandwagon jumpers that are in love with Brady. Plus most Steeler fans have knowledge of the game at the very worst.

3.) Which team has more bandwagon fans?


Come on, like this guy is really a Steeler fan? Even if he fits the description I highly doubt he knows what a 4-3 defense is. I’m sick of seeing these Steeler fans pack every stadium even if it’s 2500 miles away. You’re telling me the Pittsburgh community is that loaded financially to travel to all these games across country to watch a football game? Exactly, fans like Snoop Dogg, who were born and raised in California is somehow a Steeler fan yet doesn’t come close to fitting the description at all. I’m telling ya they’re everywhere!


When has a picture ever made more sense? The only thing I’d like to add is a bunch of chicks from the age demographic of  19-35 and then we’d be set. Of course they will all tell you, they’ve been huge Patriot fans even before Tom Brady.  Nothing drives me ape shit more than to see a chick comment on a football status about the Patriots. Tom Brady’s retirement will be a glorious day!

Winner: Patriots hands down!

Overall Winner:

Despite that I have the Patriots winning more categories, I’m going with the Steelers as having the worst fans out of the two. I will throw them a bone and say they do have one of the more passionate, caring fan bases. That kind of is the reason they annoy everyone though. Well that, and they won’t shut up!


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