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Police Search Comerica Park During Game After a Bomb Threat 92

Bomb threat called into Comerica Park
(Photo courtesy of ESPN)

According to the Detroit Free Press, there was a bomb threat Tuesday night that caused the police and authorities to search Comerica Park while the game played on and thousands of fans remained at the event.  An anonymous call came into 911 at about 8 p.m., and authorities quickly went into action with an immediate search of the park. Despite the 100 degree recorded temperature, there was an announced crowd of 33,950 in Detroit to watch the Tigers host the Los Angeles Angels. The spectators were not made aware of the bomb threat, and the game play continued in normal fashion. Fortunately, there was no threatening device found.

There have been two other recent bomb threats in the Detroit area that caused serious backups and delays for people traveling in the area. Both recent calls shut down major United States and Canadian border crossings. There are two major border crossings that connect Detroit to Windsor, Ontario, which sits just south of Detroit. Last Thursday, a bomb threat was called into the Detroit-Windsor Tunnel from the Canadian side of the border. On Monday, a threat was called into the Ambassador Bridge. The bridge was shut down for hours and caused significant backups. The Ambassador Bridge is where large 18-wheeler trucks, along with typical passenger vehicles, make their crossings along international lines. Major streets and freeways were backed up and lined with vehicles. Both calls regarding the border crossings are deemed to have been hoaxes. The authorities are still investigating Tuesday’s threat regarding Comerica Park.

The Los Angeles Angels smashed the Detroit Tigers Tuesday night, by a score of night 13-0.


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