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Priest Holmes recalls hits changing the color of the sky 92

Priest Holmes played from 1997 to 2007 with the Baltimore Ravens and Kansas City Chiefs (Source: Bill Frakes/SI, John Biever/SI)

This off-season, particularly the past three months, have been filled with ex-players talking about the impact of hits or concussions on their lives and health.

Today’s quote, provided by Priest Holmes, is chilling.

Former Ravens and Chiefs running back Priest Holmes was describing the impact of hits to the head, and sounded like a man describing a near-death experience.

“This color obviously isn’t going to be blue. It can be a color that can be orange. It can be red. The sky could turn green,” Holmes told Chris Corbellini of The Daily. “There’s even an episode where you see a clear light, like light at the end of the tunnel.”

During a three-year span (2001-03), Holmes ran as often and as productively as any back in the league. He still feels it to this day.

“The frontal headaches, the migraines. Laying in bed, it’s tough to get out mornings just because of the pain that is setting in with an arthritic condition, it’s things like that that you never would have really thought about,” he said.

At the moment, Holmes is not one of the players joining hundreds of ex-players who are suing the NFL over concussions. However, you have to think that might change soon.

If nothing else, that may be one of the most terrifying quotes I have ever heard about the impact of concussions on a player.

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