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Ray Rice addresses Playoff Fumbling: “It won’t happen again” 51

Ray Rice has been one of the better running backs in the game at taking care of the football, having not turned it over once in the regular season. In the Ravens first Playoff game, however, Rice coughed the ball up twice in the win over the Colts.

Ray Rice says fumbles won't happen again. (US PRESSWIRE PHOTO)

Ray Rice says fumbles won’t happen again. (US PRESSWIRE PHOTO)

Rice wants to move on from the fumbling questions, as he feels they are irrelevant and laid it all on the table today saying it wouldn’t happen again.

“I didn’t fumble all year. So I don’t really get that question,” Rice said to ESPN“It’s just me being smart in the situation. You look at how many touches I had already. My fumble ratio is way down. Once again, I’m going to address it — I’m not a fumbler. You guys know that, and that’ll be the last time I address me fumbling. It won’t happen again.”

His fumbling issues arise in the postseason, where he fumbles every 30 or so carries, compared to the regular season where it happens every 220. He’s been a solid rock for the Ravens team, and he’s a valuable piece to the puzzle. The Ravens want to run the ball down the opponents throats, and if Rice gives away possession, that doesn’t help them much.

He’s one of the best in the game at his position, but for some reason struggles in the playoffs with ball security – an issue I know he can overcome. Whether it’s on his own, or taking a Tiki Barber approach – I’m sure this isn’t going to affect his mentality on the field of play.

He’s already said it won’t happen again, and for the fans sake, we hope it doesn’t.

The Ravens travel to Denver this week to play the Broncos, who are riding an eleven game win streak. Baltimore hopes to end that Sunday to give Ray Lewis one more run at a ring before he hangs ’em up.
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