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Report: Atlanta Falcons Offered “Hard Knocks” 66

The second biggest story this off-season was Peyton Manning, first we had all the news about the neck injuries, then it was the tearful good-bye between Manning and Indianapolis Colts’ Jim Irsay. After that we had the two weeks of trying to figure out where he would sign. He eventually signed with Denver, which added more drama; Singing Manning sent Tim Tebow to the New York Jets.

Tebow or as some would say, “baby Jesus” is now in “The devil’s playground” of New York, does it fit? Only time will tell, and many football fans will have to wait a bit longer to find out how this will all work out. Many have thought, including myself that HBO “Hard Knocks” would end up in New York. After seeing how Mark Sanchez folded last season, and all the drama that has happened the past few months.

However, football fans will get a view of the Atlanta Falcons instead. The Falcons are not as drama filled as the other two, but fans will get an inside look into their everyday life during training camp.

ESPN cited multiple sources in reporting the offer, though HBO declined to comment. reported earlier Wednesday that HBO wanted the New York Jets on this year’s show, but coach Rex Ryan is against the idea. The Jets were featured on the show in 2010.

Due to the 2011 NFL lockout, there was no “Hard Knocks” in 2011.

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