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Report: David Garrard unlikely to make Dolphins roster 78

After being hurt earlier this pre-season, Dolphins quarterback David Garrard is now in danger of being cut (Credit: AP Photo/Alan Diaz)

It looks as though the starting quarterback of the Miami Dolphins at the beginning of the pre-season is about to be cut. If you remember Garrard was considered for the starting job in late July when camps opened. Then he got hurt and in stepped rookie quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Now, it looks as though Tannehill will be the starter week one.

Ben Volin of the Palm Beach Post reports that Garrard’s chances of making the Dolphins do not look good. Per Volin, Garrard has not been able to jog or put any real pressure on his knee since having surgery three weeks ago. Things around the Dolphins have changed quite a bit in those three weeks.

The Dolphins could conceivably put Garrard on injured reserve, but an injury settlement seems much more likely. Coming off knee surgery and back surgery in 2011 won’t help Garrard land another job if he leaves Miami, although one never knows what will develop with some of the league’s dicier quarterbacking situations.

If Garrard goes, Pat Devlin will likely take the third quarterback job this season. Volin reports the team is working out quarterback Matt Blanchard, an undrafted rookie from Wisconsin-Whitewater recently dropped by the Bears, but Devlin has looked good enough to stick around this preseason.

With the trading of Vontae Davis and the starting of a rookie quarterback it almost looks as though the Dolphins are already giving up on 2012 and looking towards the future. While of course Tannehill could lead them to success, the team should be looking towards their future. Letting Tannehill gain some game experience while building towards the future is the right way to go.

Yes it is early but perhaps Robert Woods or Keenan Allen will be the first pick of the Dolphins in 2013.


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