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Report: Manning to the Titans 71

Per a report from True Titans News on Twitter, the Titans are the leader in the clubhouse for Free Agent QB Peyton Manning, and that he has already begun contract discussions with the team.


Titans’ owner Bud Adams said earlier in the week “He is the man I want. Period,” Adams said. “And the people that work for me understand that. They know who I want. I want Mr. Manning with the Titans and I will be disappointed if it doesn’t happen.”

As the story has developed that seems to be working out to Mr. Adams’ favor, Peyton met with the Titans brass on Wednesday throughout the day and was rumored to have been impressed with how the visit panned out. Following his visit with the team, Manning flew back to the rehab facility and resumed his rehabilitation in order to prepare for football activity.

The Titans, Cardinals and Broncos have been linked to be the landing spots for Manning since his release from Indianapolis after 14 years. As of today the Cardinals said that they still consider themselves favorites for landing Peyton, but tomorrow they owe a roster bonus to current QB Kevin Kolb of $7 million, and would have to have a decision by 12 noon on whether they will pay to keep him or not. If Peyton indeed decides to play for the Titans, the Cardinals have said that they will pick up the option on Kolb.

People close to the situation in the Manning camp have said that “Nobody knows what he is thinking at the moment” but they also mentioned that Titans head coach Mike Munchak was a former teammate of Peyton’s father  Archie, and that they remain close to this day so that could help in the decision process.

True Titans News has also said that if the deal is done this weekend, than the contract and press conference would not be announced until Monday. The reasoning behind this is Bud Adams’ grandson is getting married this weekend and they won’t be available to carry it out.

The report has not yet been confirmed, but if it is true, Bud Adams got his guy, and he won’t have to be upset with his front office.

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