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Report: Plaxico Burress’ Pitbull Attacked His Neighbor 56

It seems whenever Plaxico’s name comes up, it never has anything positive attached to it.  Unfortunately, this report is no different.

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According to a TMZ reports, Burress’ neighbors Gina Stasinos and her husband filed a lawsuit against Burress, claiming the dog got loose and violently attacked her as she was walking near his home in Totowa, N.J. last May.  Stasinos is claiming she suffered serious injuries to her head, body, and limbs as well as severe pain and mental anguish.

Stasinos is suing Burress to cover medical bills that she now owes because of the attack.  Also mentioned on the suit is Gina’s husband, where he claims that because of the vicious attack on his wife, he missed out to the “services” and “companionship” of his wife.  If that’s the case, perhaps I’d sue too.

Burress served a two-year sentence to prison after shooting himself accidentally in a New York City nightclub.  The Giants then released him, later to be signed by the Jets, and then the Steelers last season.

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