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Report: Randy Moss Will Play Without Guaranteed Money 95

Per a report from Yahoo Sports’ Jason Cole, Randy Moss is willing to forego any guaranteed money for a team that is willing to sign the 35-year old wide receiver. According to Cole’s source, Moss’ motivation to return to the NFL is not driven by the desire for a paycheck, but by the desire to play. This move will likely increase the number of teams who express interest in Moss, although at this point it is unclear which teams, if any, would like to bring him in for a workout. Indeed, most reports have teams publicly expressing the exact opposite sentiment, that they “have no interest in signing him.” In his 13-year career, Moss has amassed 954 receptions, 14,858 yards, and 153 touchdowns in 202 games. The seven-time Pro Bowler’s career took a nose-dive in 2010, in which he was traded by the New England Patriots to the Minnesota Vikings, and then was subsequently cut and picked up by the Tennessee Titans. He recorded just 28 receptions for 447 yards and five touchdowns combined for all three teams and was not re-signed by the Titans after the season’s end. He sat out the 2011 season in retirement before announcing his plans to return to the NFL this month.


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