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We have reached a point in the season where smart players and pay per head sportsbook managers have to start considering the upcoming NFL Super Bowl picture. Way back when the season started, with all the talks about the Patriots possibly being without Tom Brady and the Eagles putting on quite a show during the preseason, we came to expect certain things out of this regular season. Now heading on to week 11, things are quite different as what most experts had anticipated, and the playoff picture has changed.

First of all, we knew Tom Brady was good… but not this DAMN good. For a moment, with all the Deflategate talks and his age starting to become a talking point, we had initial concerns (not doubts) about the Patriots’ season. Well, lo and behold how the Patriots dominate the AFC and have been kicking the proverbial butt of every single team they have faced, including their nemesis The New York Giants with a very late FG. The Pats will reach the playoffs, no question about it, but we all kinda knew that.

There is a mumble going on among football fans and online betting pundits. There is one team that remains undefeated, not named the New England Patriots. They have been a very pleasant surprise as they come from a relatively small market and they are starting to make believers out of everyone (this humble writer included). We are talking about the Carolina Panthers. Cam Newton and his teammates are on top of the NFC and they are starting to become probable favorites to reach the Super Bowl against the Pats in pay per head odds and other betting software providers. To make people anticipate this matchup even more is the fact that The Panthers are not schedule to face the Pats during the regular season, making a matchup between the two only possible in the big game.

At the time this article was written the Cincinnati Bengals had just lost their very first game of the season. Literally like five minutes ago, although they are not considered to be favorites by price per head betting software providers for the AFC championship, they could be potential threats to the Pats trip to the Super Bowl. I was planning on writing them up, but after watching this game I came to realize that they have some flaws that could prevent them from making the jump to the big stage. We’ll have to see how they manage to do on the playoffs.

Other notable mentions of teams that could still make an impact are Denver Broncos, the Minnesota Vikings, the Arizona Cardinals and the Green Bay Packers. Even though Ditka wearing the sweater jinxed the packers (they are 0-3 since that commercial stated airing, just sayin’), do not count out Aaron Rodgers, if they find their groove they can be Super Bowl contenders, for the moment they need to clinch the Playoffs, otherwise it will be a disaster for Green Bay.

The Playoff and Super Bowl picture offers very strong favorites in the eyes of odd makers and pay per head gaming sites, but one thing is for sure. Either the Panthers and Patriots start showing weaknesses or you can pretty much take that match up to the bank.


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