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Rex Ryan’s status for 2013 in jeopardy, open to job in television 99

Want to hear more from New York Jets Head Coach Rex Ryan next season? Good, because according to the New York Daily News, Ryan would be open to a job in television if he is not retained by the Jets in 2013.

Despite Ryan having two years (around $6 million) left on his contract and being “100%” committed to the Jets, Ryan is amendable to a job in television. That is, if Jets Owner Woody Johnson decides to pay Ryan out of his final two years on his contract.

It’s not a surprise that Ryan is already talking about his situation for next year; as a head coach, New York is the last place I’d want to be right now. Recently, Ryan “joked” in a staff meeting that he would be better off getting fired than in the offensive hell-hole that he is in. Not only is the offense a mess, but the front office personnel also is, and this situation is a spitting image of what the entire season has been for the Jets: back-and-forth rumor and banter. Sure, it’s in part to the New York media, but Johnson and Ryan, among others, have brought this upon themselves; their personalities just don’t match.

Ryan and Johnson haven’t discussed buying Ryan out of the final two years of his deal (I’m shocked), and Ryan has continued to affirm his support with the team.

“I want this team. My team,” Ryan said via the New York Daily News. “The fact is — and it’s simple — this is the only team that I want to coach. Period. … I want to be the Jets head coach for the next 15 years.”

It sounds as if Ryan thinks he’s in New York to stay, but the feeling is certainly not mutual in New York right now. Johnson has not come out and said anything publicly about the status of Ryan and his contract, but the situation is deteriorating, and it’s beginning to look more and more like that job in television might not be too far away, although it’s hard to believe that a great defensive-mind like Ryan could be in a booth for long.



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