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Rick Sutcliffe Wants Melky Cabrera Deported 57

Rick Sutcliffe

ESPN analyst Rick Sutcliffe thinks Melky Cabrera should be deported.
Photo Credit: Keith Allison/ Commons

There was a story that came to light yesterday about the Melky Cabrera’s desperate attempt to get out of his fifty-game suspension. Silly me, I thought that was going to be the funniest part of this story. Evidently, I was sadly mistaken. In light of this news, ESPN analyst Rick Sutcliffe thinks Melky Cabrera should be deported.

Here is the quote from Mr. Sutcliffe from his appearance Dave Rothenberg’s radio show:

“You know, it makes you mad. First of all, this guy is over here in the United States on a working visa. He broke the law. What’s he doing still here? I mean, forget the 50-game suspension from baseball and whether he can come back if they make the players [sic] or not. Why’s he still here? That visa should be taken away, and he should not be allowed to play over here again, or work over here again, in my opinion.”

If Cabrera were being thrown out of the league for his offense, there may be some validity to this statement. However, Cabrera is receiving the same punishment than any player, American or otherwise, has received for their first offense of using a banned substance. I would be curious what Sutcliffe’s rationalization is to treat Cabrera differently than the numerous others who have tested positive before him.

Mr. Sutcliffe should know better than most that we all have skeletons in our closets…

Cabrera will pay for his violation like all the others before him, and he deserves the second chance that every other player before him has received.


By: Frank Santos- Sports-Kings Assistant Site Manager


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