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Rivers does his best Tony Romo impression 50

Columnist: Pat Nicoloff

Philip Rivers found a way to blow an important game on Monday night that was nothing but Romo-esque. This lack of concentration isn’t the only parallel between Romo and Rivers’ careers. Rivers has long been anointed as one of the next great quarterbacks and generally considered to be in the upper echelon. This used to be Tony Romo. With an equally talented cast, Rivers has found a way to blow games, make bone-headed plays, and generally underachieve. Hell, neither guy has really went out and won a big game for their club in recent memory.

If Philip Rivers, like Romo, doesn’t go out and win a playoff game this year, then it’s time to take them both out of the elite quarterback conversation. Rivers’ season now stands with 7 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. This is being done with an All-Pro left tackle, two good running backs, and an All-Pro wide receiver. If he doesn’t have enough to light up the Chiefs, when will he have enough? These are simply the kind of games that the top-tier quarterbacks dominate.

I can now name 10+ quarterbacks that I’d take to run my team over Rivers. The likes of Alex Smith, Donovan McNabb, and Jason Campbell all have a better quarterback ratings than Rivers. He may be able to make all of the throws, but something is missing. It’s in the numbers and it’s in the wins. It looks like the Chargers will disappoint again with him at the helm. Will that ever change?


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