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Robert Griffin III feels Redskins’ fans hunger for success 75

Can Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III be the savior of the franchise? (Credit: AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

Washington Redskins’ first round pick, number two overall, knows he was drafted by a team with a rabid fan base who is hungry to win. And that is exactly what he wants.

Griffin III said this morning on ESPN radio that he embraces the fans enthusiasm and does not feel the pressure of having to be team’s savior.

“It’s not my job to look at it as pressure,” Griffin said. “Who am I to tell them not to be excited? There’s definitely not going to be a lack of excitement for the team. It’s just up to us, as a team, to go out and be a team and provide everybody something to cheer for.”

Griffin said the experience of turning a traditionally weak football program into a winner during his college career at Baylor showed him how much that can mean to the team’s fans.

“The city and the surrounding area are definitely hungry for success,” Griffin said. “That’s something that I’m used to, going to Baylor University, and being in Waco and helping that community — not only myself but a lot of guys I played with — that shows you what happens when a community is hungry for success and you’re willing to go out and do what it takes to give them that success.”

I will keep my feelings on Griffin III and the Redskins’ possible success to myself until we preview the divisions later this summer. I can provide a hint, it is not looking good for the Redskins. That and more NFL previews to come, stay tuned.

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