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Rock Solid: Top Five Fantasy Defenses: Week 10 58

The two biggest wild cards in fantasy football are defense and kicker. These two positions are switched the most often throughout the course of a fantasy season, and many players sometimes overlook the importance of picking up a solid defense when you need a bye week replacement, or drop a good defense for a position player. My philosophy is simple, play the matchup and look for teams who create turnovers. Sure, good defenses can hold teams to low yardage and point totals, but that’s not going to get you many fantasy points. Below are the five best matchups for fantasy defenses heading into Week 10 of the NFL season.


This is the most glaring mismatch of Week Ten. A pathetic Chiefs team heads to Pittsburgh on Monday night to take on a red hot Steelers defense that has catapulted to #1 in the league. The Steelers held Eli Manning to only 124 yards last week, and held the Giants to -9 yards in the fourth quarter. They seem to be hitting a nice stride, and given the fact that Matt Cassel has accounted for 18 turnovers by himself this season, I believe the Steelers will rack up some sacks and an interception or two.


The Niners haven’t exactly dominated in creating sacks and turnovers, but they are still a dominant squad. The Rams managed a measly 7 points in London last weekend losing big to New England. Top defenses like San Fran are a no brainer even when facing tougher teams, so starting them against  a shaky St. Louis team is as safe as it gets.


Any defense going against Marky Mark Sanchez is always in consideration. The Seahawks have a good young defense that can sack the hell out of the quarterback. They have 25 this season. They also have eight interceptions for good measure, and since Sanchez is a bumbling idiot most of the time and the Jets have very few weapons, I foresee the ‘Hawks terrorizing ‘ol Sanch this week.


The Bears face their biggest test of the season when the Houston Texans come to town. The fact that it will be a tough game doesn’t deter me from starting  a Bears defense that has 25 sacks and 17 interceptions with a plethora of defensive touchdowns. Yes, the Texans are good, but not perfect. This defense makes offenses pay for their mistakes, and this trend will continue this week even if it is good game.


The Giants have the same number of sacks and interceptions as the Bears. You better believe this group has a bad taste in their mouth after the Steelers ran the ball down their throats and moved the ball quite effectively against them in a loss. They head to Cincinnati to take on a struggling Bengals team that has been somewhat inconsistent outside of A.J. Green this year. Andy Dalton has seen a bit of a sophomore slump, and the Giants defensive line and secondary will give him some trouble this week.





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