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Roger Goodell has been banned from a Miami BBQ Restaurant 84

A photo hangs on a door at a Miami Brother Jimmy’s BBQ showing Roger Goodell, headlined by “Do not serve this man”. The NFL Commissioner has been under extreme scrutiny for things that have happened during his tenure, but banning him from a restaurant?

One might think that a few fans are upset at everything that has happened with Bounty Gate, the removing of Salary Cap from the Redskins and Cowboys, and a few rule changes that (oh by the way) the NFL Competition Committee has enforced.

But this restaurant is upset at just one of them, because it is owned by Saints Linebacker Jonathan Vilma. So we can see why the photo of Goodell hangs, making it clear as glass that if Goodell walks into the establishment, do not serve him.

DJ Williams (Broncos) and Jon Beason (Panthers) are co-owners of the restaurant as well. Williams has been suspended by the league six games for violating the leagues substance abuse policy, and is expected to be suspended longer with his recent conviction of Driving while Ability-Impaired.

Beason however isn’t suspended at all by the league, but I guess in this case majority rules.

This is not joke either, these posters hang throughout the restaurant to remind staff to not let him in.

We’re hoping Goodell isn’t up for some BBQ when he’s in the Miami area.

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