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Ryan Kalil Guarantees a Panthers Super Bowl 50

Carolina Panthers Center Ryan Kalil is one of the more animated guys in the league. He’s also one of the best, if not the best, Centers in the league.

We all know what Cam Newton did last year in his Rookie season was phenomenal, and he says he has room to improve, but does he see a Super Bowl Victory this season? It’s unsure what he sees, but the guy snapping him the ball week in and week out guarantees a Super Bowl Championship brought to Charlotte.

Ryan took to the Charlotte Observer and placed a full-page ad in Wednesday’s paper and guaranteed to finish the season in New Orleans, hoisting the Franchise’s first Lombardi Trophy.

I’ve heard arguments all morning on the topic. Some say Kalil just slammed a bunch of pressure on to the team. Some say that the confidence is exactly what this Carolina Panthers roster needs this season. I say, it don’t bother me. Winning a Super Bowl is every teams main goal each and every year. It’s said throughout the year behind closed doors. but just not guaranteed publicly. It’s a good goal to have, and I respect the confidence of Kalil in saying so.

He said it was a “war cry” to the fans in placing the ad. The deserving fans that put so much into supporting the team.

“Every team says it every year, whether it’s publicly or not,” Kalil said. “They say they’re going to win the Super Bowl. We’ve said it in the past in meeting rooms and behind closed doors. This year’s different. There’s a sense of urgency, a winning attitude that I haven’t seen before. And it’s in the way we prepare. It’s in the way we approach each work day, and I think fans will see it in the way that we play.”

He said he knows it’s a bold statement to make, but he can feel it in the air. The Panthers have some work to do on Defense before I can slate them in as even a playoff team, coming off a 6-10 record one year ago. They have definitely improved, but I haven’t seen the puzzle put together yet. However, the Offense, as we all know is electrifying. The team has some pieces in place, and now they have a big goal to reach.

Jerry Richardson, the Panthers Owner said that the team would bring a Super Bowl within the next ten years. It’s a great goal to have, but Kalil says it will get done this year. Check out the ad below.


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