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Cover 3 Divisional Breakdown 53

Was your team roasted or toasted in this weeks cover 3?


AFC East

1. Oh how the mighty fall.  When is the last time you saw Tom Brady not throw a touchdown?  The Bengals shut him down for the first time in 53 games!!! Do you think it’s time that the Patriots look for an established WR or do you think Amendola and Gronk will be back in time?

2. In a knee-buckling exciting game on Thursday, the Browns and Bills squared off.  Both lost QB’s that were very important to their success.  Will Thad Lewis be able to cover time or will it be one of the QB’s they have been eyeing up? Pat White and and Dennis Dixon have been mentioned.

3. The Dolphins keep showing flashes of brilliance and have an opportunity to stay in this division race if they figure things out on offense… mainly their WR’s catching the ball.



AFC North

1. The surprise of the early season for me is this division… If anyone told me before that the Browns would be in a tie for the division lead and the Steelers would be gasping for the air left in their season, I may have bet my house.

2. Are the Browns after a big loss at QB able to stay alive?  I think so after seeing what this defense has been able to do lately.  The secondary is playing really well!

3.  Flacco and Roethlisberger, the tale of two QB’s that are left with shells of their old championship teams… Seems Flacco’s supporting cast, decimated by free agency and retirement is better. Roethlisberger is playing very well given what his offensive line and RB’s are capable of this year…



AFC South

1. Peyton who?  Andrew Luck is showing he is capable of making this team a contender just a year after his rookie season.  The trade for Richardson hasn’t panned out quite the way they thought it would have so far, but this team is much more than it’s running game with the defense even showing sparks of greatness.

2. The Titans are an interesting early season team.  They play every game straight up, and before the injury to Locker, they looked to be gelling on offense.  What about with Fitzpatrick?  Can they maintain a winning record until Locker comes back?

3. Schaub is not looking too good early in the season, but neither is this Texans defense (trust me I have them in my fantasy league).  I don’t feel that Yates is going to make a difference for the better.  Schaub needs that offensive line to protect him or this will be David Carr 2.0 quicker than they can save the season.



AFC West

1. They always say defense wins championships but it seems that Peyton Manning doesn’t feel the need to have much of it, nor do the Broncos. They really need to get healthy at corner though because with as much potential that Romo has to make big plays, they shouldn’t be to the tune of 500+ yards and 5 TD’s

2. I will hate myself later for this statement, but I think these Raiders can compete if they can stay healthy on offense. Their defense isn’t great by any means, but it’s good enough to keep a proficient offense in the game. Pryor has everyone eating their words so far.

3. The Chiefs and the Chargers are a tale of two teams going in VERY opposite directions. The Chiefs are playing football at a high level on both sides of the ball and not turning the ball over.  The Chargers can’t seem to muster a full game of consistent play.  They are falling apart at every point and don’t seem to have much to look forward to being a part of this division.



NFC East 

1. We will start with the bottom here because it is probably the most glaring and apparent issue for a team in the league.  Is Eli Manning adopted?  I mean, he can’t seem to throw the ball to anyone in his team’s jersey. Heck, Eli can’t even seem to throw for much more than 150 yards a game anymore… With that being said, is there any hope for them at this point?  One linebacker trade for Beason is not going to save that horrible defense either…

2. The most consistent player to ever play in the NFL, Tony Romo!  This man has a golden arm, escape-ability, and toughness.  Along with all those traits, he also has the amazing ability to choke himself out.  It started back when with a botched field goal hold, and since then he has consistently given his team every chance to lose when it matters most.

3.  The Redskins and Eagles are two teams that must frustrate the heck out of their fan bases.  One game they are more than capable of competing with the best, and the next they are turning the ball over and losing heart-breaking games.



NFC North

1. Ok so…  I may have been wrong about the Bears…  Just when you think they are coming together on offense for the first time in years, they throw a wrench in and lose two games in a row.  They in no way should have been blown out by the Lions in the first place.  They are officially sliding after a less than stellar loss to the Saints.

2. Now that the Vikings have signed Freeman, are we going to have a QB controversy? HMMMM… Didn’t they have one already?  After playing a pretty good game, Cassel was thought by many to have a big chance at getting some notice for starter.  What are the Vikings going to do now?  I personally think the best QB on their staff now is Freeman as long as he doesn’t get buried in that depth chart.  The main reason is that it’s early in the season and I think he has the most up side.

3. The Packers should realistically have only one loss on their record, but a stupid play against the Bengals have them in the third spot of the division.  I think it’s time the Lions and Bears play consistently or they will be playing catch up to an improving Packers team.



NFC South

1. How much can a coach change a team?  Look no further than your three undefeated teams:  The Saints, Chiefs, and Broncos.  Sean Payton, Andy Reid, and Peyton Manning (he is a coach, watch the tape) have turned these teams around to the point of making two out of the three of them Super Bowl choices to many, including myself.  Sean Payton has breathed a lot of life back into this team and it is showing in his entire team.

2.The Buccaneers have waived their white flag as far as I am concerned.  First you throw a franchise QB in the dirt, spit on him, and then release him.  Greg Schiano has potential, but believes he is coaching college guys still…  He is on watch whether that team says he is safe or not…

3. The Falcons are one of the most frustrating teams in the league.  They have the offense to beat anyone, but they can’t stop a nose bleed.  Matt Ryan can’t seem to take that step to be mentioned with Manning, Brady, Brees…  He has the skill but seems to lack the killer mentality he needs to put teams away.



NFC West 

1. The Seahawks are in a rough position.  Russel Wilson needs to play better for this team to win because at the moment, he is middle of the line at best in terms of QB play.  This team almost lost to the Texans last week and that is troublesome after seeing how bad they are…  This team has many more tests to come and with only one loss they have the benefit of the doubt but things need to change fast.

2. The 49ers look like a team finding their place again.  After a very ugly loss to the Seahawks and a loss to the same team that handed the Seahawks their first ‘L’  in the Colts, this team is hitting a stride defensively.  Kapernick is playing safely and getting a little confidence back, so watch this team to bounce back in big ways.

3. The Cardinals are only being out-scored by opponents 91-95 which means this team is much better than anyone anticipated.  They are playing tight games and just need to keep finding the rhythm that they have had the past two weeks.  If there is a dark horse in the league besides the Raiders, it’s the Cardinals.


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