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Seahawks Lock Up Kam Chancellor 100

Seahawks Solidify their Stars Future:

The Seattle Seahawks continue to make big waves during the offseason. After their early acquisitions of DE Cliff Avril, formerly of the Detroit Lions, and DE Michael Bennett, formerly of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, they now lock up one of their homegrown stars in Safety, Kam Chancellor. The extension is a four year, 28 million dollar deal, with 17 million in guaranteed money. This extension comes with only a year left on his rookie contract, and effectively keeping him in Seattle, barring a trade, until 2017. Chancellor has been overlooked, mainly because of big name Earl Thomas back in the secondary with him.

Seahawks Draft Success:

The Seahawks have been solid in drafting ever since Pete Carroll made his return to the NFL, and John Schneider followed him a week afterwards. They completed a 264 roster transaction turnover during the summer of 2010, effectively putting them into a rebuilding mode. However… with three successful NFL drafts, filled with early round success, and late round Cinderellas and good depth, that roster turnover only took two years to fix and put them into the playoffs, for the second time in two years. With yet another draft in just three days we can look for the Seahawks to add even more weapons to their already dangerous football team.

Concern for NFC West Fans:

As a NFC West fan this upsets me. It now means that the Arizona Cardinals receiving unit has to deal with both Earl Thomas and Kam Chancellor for a long time, or at least Chancellor but there’s little doubt Thomas gets a big contract extension for himself. They both deserve it however and are truly amazing Safeties who will have long careers in the NFL, whether it be with the Seattle Seahawks, or with someone else in the NFL.


Seahawks love Kam Chancellor

Fancy picture of Kam Chancellor


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