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Seahawks sign 12 year-old to a five-year deal 95

Sometimes the best stories go unnoticed. Here at Down and Distance we don’t allow that.

Check out this heartwarming story from Seattle:

The Seahawks signed Kevin Lee to a five-year deal.

You’ve never heard of Kevin Lee? That’s because he’s an undrafted free agent. He’s also 12 years-old and has a life-threatening heart condition, and he’s a HUGE Seahawks fan.

As part of ESPN’s new “My wish” segment debuting on SportsCenter tonight (8/17) at 11 EST, they’ve made a dream come true, signing Lee to the deal, although he jokes and says he wanted a six-year deal, but he’ll take what he can get.

The segment will debut tonight where they’ll highlight the entire My Wish hangout with Seahawks coaches and players. Be sure to catch it!

Check out the video released by ESPN on Facebook regarding the signing!

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