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Shurmur dismisses “clamoring for Colt,” insists Weeden will start 98


Despite a 5.1 quarter back rating and a game where he turned the ball over six times, head coach Pat Shurmur told reports Brandon Weeden will start week two (Credit: AP Photo)

After an abysmal start to the season, one in which he finished the game with a 5.1 quarterback rating, Cleveland Browns fans are already questioning whether or not quarterback Brandon Weeden should be the starter. According to ProFootballTalk, head coach Pat Shurmur is already fielding questions about whether or not the team is planning to bench Weeden in favor of Colt McCoy.

Shurmur insists that’s not going to happen. Asked what he would say to Cleveland fans who want McCoy back on the field, Shurmur dismissed the idea and said that fans should understand there’s no question the coaches are behind Weeden.

Clamoring for Colt? Brandon Weeden is our starter and he’s going to get better, that’s what I’m going to tell them,” Shurmur said.

On Sunday, Weeden looked awful as he went 12-for-35 for 118 yards with no touchdowns, four interceptions and two fumbles.

No matter how bad Weeden looked on Sunday, Shurmur has made his decision, and his decision is that Weeden will start. Considering that Shurmur’s job could be riding on that decision, he’d better hope he chose right.

If things continue to go south, Clamoring for Colt seems to have an infectious ring to it. Maybe the fans could start chanting that they are Clamoring for Colt?


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