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Soldiers join Chiefs during final open practice 0

AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool

AP Photo/Rafiq Maqbool

The Kansas City Chiefs celebrated their organization’s Military Appreciation Day by inviting a group of soldiers from Fort Riley to watch the team’s final practice.

“It’s great to have the military out here and have their support,” Andy Reid, the team’s head coach, said in an interview with Chiefs Spin. “We know and appreciate how much they do so we can do this, not only the media, but the fans and us as players and coaches. We appreciate it all.”

The Kansas City Chiefs are just the most recent team to invite those serving the country to their events, and several other teams have held similar events over the past month.

The NFL as a whole is making an effort to support troops.

NFL Salute, is a program that raises money for the United States Military and gives soldiers the opportunity to attend several exciting league events, including the NFL Draft, the Super Bowl and events of the Pro Bowl.

NFL Salute raises money by sponsoring 32 games during the season, and the league will donate $300 for each point scored during those games.

So far, the organization has raised over $450,000.

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